Finally it's out! Not necessarily the most anticipated song ever, but I've been needing to hear more than the 10s they uploaded to Tiktok for a few weeks now and the the release got delayed cos noone was playing songs that weren't respectful!

I did see Sam Smith had been on Radio One's live lounge today but there had only been two videos uploaded earlier and neither was Unholy, but looks like they did it later once the song released and brought Kim Petras along too 😁

@wolfie I feel bad for Sam Smith because no one gives a shit anymore. They should've released the song when it was "hot". Now I've heard the chorus 700 times and hate it. The record company really fucked that up because I've seen *many* Tiktoks about that today.

@Juju yeah it's definitely gone way past the point of anyone being hyped any more, I saw so many people in comments on videos with the track just getting annoyed by it when they found out there was still a week to go before it was out

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