So boring trying to convince family members who don't even watch that the political voting only has a small effect on the results and the UK sending low effort entries is most of our issue in getting points, the narrative of "the UK gets zero points cos everyone hates us" is just so prolific here!

Also Sam Ryder is an absolute sweetheart who is going to wow everyone tonight :blobcheerbounce: πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸš€πŸš€

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I was amused by various non watching Brits waking up this morning to the news that we came second, like wait, we can be higher than last place??

I'm still in shock tbh :blobcatsurprised:

@wolfie I get the same thing at work.

I think it's inevitable that the war in Ukraine will have an effect on the vote this year (and I don't have a problem with that), but this is an exceptional situation. Normally the political aspects have a minimal effect around the bottom of the board but a good song will always score well.

@OldGitPhil Yes Ukraine are definitely the favourites this year, I don't think anyone would begrudge them the win, even if they have to be hosted rather than being able to host next year.

I've only watched Eurovision since 2018 so I've been wholly disappointed so far by our placings, I'd be happy with middle third of the table, and ecstatic if we make it onto the top half!

@wolfie I pretty much grew up with #Eurovision because my dad was a big Wogan fan.

I think our song is better this year because it wasn't written specifically for Eurovision. In previous years the BBC commissioned groups of songwriters to write a "Eurovision song" and we ended up with a formulaic radio friendly song that didn't stand out enough to complete well.

@OldGitPhil ah lol my family was staunchly not Wogan fans lol, though apparently Graham Norton's acerbic wit hasn't been enough to tempt any of them to watch yet

I'm looking forward to tonight, hopefully see you in the live toots 😁

@wolfie To be honest, I will probably be quiet on here during the show so I can enjoy it. (sorry).

@wolfie C'mon, James Newman didn't deserve 0 points. It wasn't a winner, but there were far worst entries.

@loveisanalogue No, he definitely didn't, especially after carrying the torch for two years, and having a way better song for 2021 than he had originally for 2020, it was still lower effort than most countries make, especially the ones who have to qualify!

@wolfie I have two recent UK entries in my playlist because I love them. I don't think it's low effort everytime. But then again I'm German and us two have been fighting for last place for several years xD

@Juju haha I remember our two entries sitting on zero points for most of the voting last year, then you just scraped that three points πŸ˜† the first year I watched, 2018, it was UK, Finland and Portugal who were vying for the bottom spot

But yeah, I loved SuRie, barely remember Michael Rice, and thought James Newman had finally come through with a bop after what he was supposed to sing for 2020, but alas, maybe we can scrape into the top half of the table tonight πŸ˜…

@wolfie I LOVE Embers! And Still In Love With You by Electric Velvet. They were bops and didn't deserve the injustice!

@Juju oo I'd not heard of Electric Velvet before (I really had no idea about Eurovision before 2018 lol) but it's really good so far!

@wolfie It had the light-hearted and weird vibe I want from Eurovision and I think that year a supersad ballad about war won or something... Meh

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