Really, The Lion King is going to beat the undisputed top movie of the IMDb top 250?? (The other poll, sure people like Tarantino rather than brooding vampires, but The Lion King over Shawshank??)

Also my timeline is hiding the polls from me, I can see other posts before and after them from Derek and other people, but I've only been able to access the polls from the poll finished notifications, except for my boosts that I can now see

Well I guess I'll have my own private Shawshank and Interview with the Vampire watch party

I dunno if anyone else remembers that The Dark Knight got Shawshank to the top of the IMDb top 250.

It was The Godfather for the longest time (due to the young male skew amongst regular movie raters on the site), then The Dark Knight came out and shot right up and ended up at number 1, and is still at 3, but in the process it switched Shawshank and The Godfather and so Shawshank has sat at number 1 ever since, for 14 years now!

@purple maybe the stage show, that's epic and full of feels, but the movie was just fun, Shawshank is such an uplifting hopeful movie that gave me feels I've never had from any other movie

@TrechNex yeah I've not seen any batman movies since The Dark Knight, they've just not appealed to me. I do wonder if Heath Ledger's death 6 months before the release had anything to do with propelling it to the spot where it's stayed

@wolfie Shawshank drug a lot in places while Lion King had catchy musical numbers. The issue was putting Shawshank against a musical. It should have went up against Pulp Fiction for a more fair battle.

@TrackerRoo yeah the genre mismatches make some matchups tough to call, also Shawshank has a beautiful music scene 😆 but Tarantino has a ridiculously dedicated fanbase, I don't see much beating Pulp Fiction at this point!

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