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Omg, I had to order a tin opener like the one in the recent tech connections video (here if anyone hasn't seen it ) because he made it sound amazing, well I finally got to try it today on a tin of Tunah (vegan tuna) I got at the local corner shop and I'm totally obsessed!

I've always hated when people use normal tin openers to cut the entire top off because of an injury I got once from one, but also when you do the proper "cut just the lid part" method you still get sharp edges, and the ring pulls can bend the lid and make it hard to remove.

But this, it cuts through where they fold the lid and body together, leaving no sharp edges and it's so easy! You can even sort of put the lid back on!

I got mine here

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food, "new" technology! my most recent was of the de-lidding type. overall i'm not a fan of it but i'm quite glad to have the option. it's a godsend for stuff that you'll use half of and need the rest the next day (cat food, beans)

the major drawback with mine is the can slips out of it far too easily. anything larger than a normal small can will for sure slip out at least once.

food, "new" technology! 

@wolfie oh no I thought I'd ranted about how cool those can openers were before. I refuse to have any other kind because no sharp edges!
found out about them when we were looking after my grandad and he started losing dexterity, absolute miracle

food, "new" technology! 

@LazyTechsupport ah nice! I will also never go back to the traditional type, these are amazing

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