How on earth has it been 20 years now

My "where were you when" story is that I was at home the day before going back for my second year of sixth form, turned on the radio in the afternoon and they were only playing music and not doing their usual chatty afternoon thing, then my younger brother came home from school and said he'd heard something about a plane hitting a building in the US, so we turned the TV on to a news channel and saw the constant coverage from there - probably about an hour after the second plane had hit

It was certainly a defining moment for my generation, we were just coming of age and it was a new millennium and suddenly everything changed, terrorism was a constant threat (even more so than during the IRA years here), politicians took away more and more civil liberties in the name of security, and there was war on the news every night

And now we have constant 24/7 streaming news to all our screens, so the answer to "where were you" is mostly "on my phone"

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