Just updated the site and the post with a workaround that works on Firefox also (unlike other browsers, Firefox doesn’t apply the invert filter to the root element’s background).


With thanks to @kieranbarker, @varx, @silmathoron, @cassidyjames, and others on the fediverse for their help.

@aral Tanks for that ! I am also a big fan of dark mode, but I recently read this:

Now I don't know what to think about dark modes. Do you have more details about the advantages of dark modes for accessibility, readability, etc ?


@LaBecasse @aral I personally am unable to read dark mode due to astigmatism, but appreciate that some people need it, what bugs me is the recent trend towards claiming an apps new dark mode is "better for your eyes" when that can't possibly be a universal claim and as the article says, eye strain isn't caused purely by using light themes.

I have heard that using dark mode can make you less comfortable with light modes, especially if you flick quickly between apps in different modes or someone shares a bright screenshot (hence all the moaning on discord when one dares to post a light theme screenshot when us light themers are in the minority)

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