I've seen a few people use various reminder methods for ADHD and other executive dysfunction/memory issues, and I've used many myself, but as of yesterday I'm trying this method where I have key tags labelled with various tasks attached to carabiners and then I wear the one with the ones I need to do today on myself around the house and it rattles and reminds me stuff needs doing, it worked great yesterday and I'm hoping to keep using it!

The green carabiner is today's task, red is storage for things I don't need to do and the gold one is completed tasks!

I have some labelled Task A, Task B, etc which are for one off rather than regular tasks (which are written on my to do list), and all the others are labelled with specific daily or regular tasks!

wow people enjoy this! and I've been doing an excellent job of productivity today, though currently at the stage of sorting paperwork that's "this is all a big mess I wanna give up"

Lol, why did this old post just get a load of boosts?

Also I totally forgot about this method of getting on with stuff, haven't done it in a long while 😅

@wolfie this is a really cool idea to realise the list physically!

@kawaiipunk yes it keeps reminding me it exists, paper notes just sort of fade away out of awareness after a while, and I love my todo list app but it also doesn't stay in my awareness enough to keep me motivated!

@wolfie That’s really smart! What’s your plan for when you get used to the rattling?

@lilletale lol, I've not thought that far ahead (and hope it won't be as likely to happen as it would with paper or computer/phone to do lists!)

@cassolotl ah yes, I remember someone on mastodon had a nifty solution for a similar thing! this is a really interesting idea, thanks for letting us know how it's going!

@wolfie OMG, this might be the re-usable solution I've been looking for. I love lists, but I hate remaking them and wasting paper, but digital lists just don't cut it.

@wolfie @JohnBrownJr I saw this on the clock app today and sent it to you, it's good idea jeans

@wolfie This is a neat option! Especially for going out.

Personally I've found with ADHD we need to keep changing up how we do things (need for novelty, whee!) so it's always good to share these ideas

@wolfie I know it's been a *long* time, but: does this still work for you? Also, what do you do with tasks you didn't manage to or physically couldn't finish?

@lorxus I'd completely forgotten about it until a bunch of people boosted this post randomly today!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to keep up for long, but also I have a very chaotic home life and no structured schedule so it may work if I was able to actually focus.

The idea would've been to take all the tasks at the end of the day and prioritise them for the next day, so if any were missed they would roll over if they still were a priority, or left till another day if there was something more important that had cropped up

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