a couple of meme things have gone through twitter the past week or so asking "without revealing your age what is the first tv show/video game/etc you remember watching/playing/etc"

And I find this hard to answer, cos while I know various things I watched and played when young, the first is a very difficult thing to say, either because I don't know what order my memories are in or because everything is mushed together (especially with TV shows), like for video games I played some Fun School educational games on PC, but before we had a PC we had an Amstrad and I copied a bunch of code into it from a book my dad had to play a game with stick men or something, but no idea if that was the first computer game I played!

For TV shows, I remember Superted, Thomas the Tank Engine, Postman Pat and The Trap Door as very early things I watched, but the first? Who knows!

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@wolfie :)

My mum worked for a television company for a while so I used to get VHS tapes of ReBoot, good times.

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