Money, help needed 

Due to the ongoing lockdown I haven't been able to work since before Christmas and have been relying on benefits, my partner is disabled and also unable to work

I am currently in rent arrears and my landlord is making vague noises about lawyers and eviction, despite having the promise of all arrears being cleared as soon as HMRC pay me the self employed grant in April.

So if anyone is able to help me chip in to the following amounts to get her off my back that would be incredible

January 拢790 (with 拢100 discount she offered on 26th February)
February 拢890

Soon to be due: March 拢890

My cashapp is拢wolfpurplemoon

My PayPal is available by DM

Money, help needed 

Thanks to everyone who has boosted so far 馃挅馃挏 just wanted to add that as I'm guaranteed enough to pay all these amounts when the HMRC grant arrives in April, I am happy to pay people back or agree to pay it forward to another person in need at that time

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