Snake photo 

We might be getting a little snek! Possibly this one!

Snake - new family member! 

We now have a snek frend in our household and isn't she adorable! She's an Albino Enchi morph Royal Python and about 2 years old. She's settling in to her new home at the moment :awwwblob:

No name yet but we're thinking about it!

Snake - new family member! 

@wolfie my gosh she's almost as white as you are!


Snake - new family member! 

@meena haha she is! I've actually had trouble uploading a photo of her to a discord server that had the automod on cos I guess she looks a bit... nude 馃槄 also you replying to this post makes me realise we've nearly had her a year 馃槷

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Snake - new family member! 

@wolfie happy 鈥 snakeday?!

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