That sexuality graph 

So this graph has been going around twitter and now mastodon (and even AVEN have RTd someone correcting the inclusion of asexuality) but I just wanted to write my own "why asexuality doesn't relate to libido" post! (there are also several other issues with the graph but this is very glaring)

This graph puts asexual on the Libido/Sexual drive spectrum, opposite to Hypersexual. This is incredibly wrong.

So, first of all, sexual attraction, sexual desire (libido) and sexual action are three separate spectrums.

Sexual attraction is who you are sexually attracted to - so for a bi person that could be people of any gender, a gay man is attracted to men etc

Sexual desire (libido) is how interested you are in having sex, regardless of who you are attracted to

Sexual action is how much you have sex, again regardless of who you are attracted to.

That sexuality graph part 2 

Anybody can be anywhere on these spectrums, so a gay woman with a high libido might have very little sex. A sex worker may have a lot of sex but not be attracted to the people they have sex with, they might also have a low libido. And yes an asexual person could easily be having a lot of sex and have a high libido.

And the libido and action spectrums are the most changeable of the three, who you are attracted to can & does change but usually only from getting to know yourself and your attractions over time, libido can be affected by medication, illness, trauma etc, & obviously action requires consenting partners and all that.

So, a small fix for that graph would be to change asexual to hyposexual, the actual opposite of hypersexual, and adding an asexual-demisexual/grey ace-allosexual arrow.

But really it has so many other issues (non binary in the middle of male/female, kink being just BDSM and "sexual exploration") that it should probably be thrown out!

More terrible asexuality definitions 

Omg this article is awful from the start

"A person who identifies as asexual feels no sexual connection with any other people and has no desire to have sex" :blobnotlike:


More terrible asexuality definitions 

and I didn't even notice the sapiosexuality definition in the middle, and a pansexuality definition but no bisexuality definition? Trash article "Medically reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph.D., LCSW, CST on January 15, 2020 " really??

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