Sex Explained (Netflix Documentary) 

I watched all 5 episodes of this yesterday, after hearing about it because Janelle Mon谩e did the narration and thinking that means it's probably going to be pretty inclusive.

And it was, they had lots of diverse people including an Asian-American dominatrix, a black expectant mother, gay people, mention of non binary people etc

There was a lot of cissexism in their discussion of biology and mechanics, but they did also talk about gay couples using surrogates and IVF etc.

But somehow in the episode about attraction, they completely forgot that asexuality is a thing? It starts from the premise that everyone experiences attraction and explains it from there, in a way that was inclusive of many sexualities except the ace spectrum which was disappointing.

And I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know but maybe younger people would and I'm not sure what age range it should be aimed at, it's an 18 on Netflix though so I guess adults only?

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