who would have thought that following my tory MP on twitter would lead me into arguments with people who think poor parents should just buy cheap porridge from Lidl if they want their kids to have food




I said to this person that the government has a responsiblity to help people so they can live rather than just survive and she's now on a whole thing about personal responsiblity (cos yeah lack of that is what makes people poor ok then) and then this "For me, the government isn鈥檛 there to provide a lifestyle" yeah housing and food is a "lifestyle"

*breath in and mute*

Web 2 1 2


@wolfie I think your MP might actually be Ayn Rand in disguise? Maybe it's time for a Scooby Doo style unmasking..


@ej I mean this was someone else who I was debating, but yeah she is entirely a Tory bootlicker


@wolfie Ah, I see!

I read a "lifestyle" supplement today, by the by. It had a bit about sports cars and lots about designer clothes but it was curiously silent on the subject of grocery shopping, and decidedly unforthcoming on the topic of central heating repairs...

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