@wolfie I have both astigmatism and bad floaters so it seems it's lose-lose for me... the only time I personally had a strong preference for one or the other was when I was putting atropine in my eye so it could heal (this was when I acquired the floaters too) - then "as dark as possible" was vital because my iris was wide open all the time.

@anne oh gosh yeah this is a reason why lots of different options should be available, different contrasts and colour combinations are needed for so many different eye conditions etc!

@anne @wolfie I guess it's because of the astigmatism, but whatever it is, I can't read light text on dark background for more than a few seconds before it becomes incredibly uncomfortable. If I then turn it off, my vision is blurred for a while after is goes back to normal.

I was provided an account on e-learning site which had a lot of interesting content. Unfortunately, their pages were white-on-black so I couldn't use it. I reported it as an accessibility issue, but they didn't care.

@loke @anne wow that's awful about the e learning site, I have the same issue as you and that would definitely make my eyes blurry

@wolfie @anne And I now remember the name of the site: Pluralsight.

I think it's worth mentioning who they are.

@loke @anne oh wow they do like their dark background don't they, and yeah naming and shaming is important!

@wolfie Dark mode is for Morlocks, Light mode for Eloi. :)

@Bluedepth lol well that doesn't work as I can't use dark themes but would definitely prefer to live in the dark 😁

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