RIP :imp_murr:

time to move again :blobhearttranscat: thank you so much @sascha for the amazing home, it was v nice while it lasted

hope to see you around the fediverse, other locals 💜💕

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Zuckerberg talking about 'going to the mat' as a synonym for fighting for his parasitic company is like... the whitest thing ever.

Boiled chicken with water sauce white.

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web devs 

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shouting VIBE CHECK before kicking in a nazi's teeth so even the libs gotta be like damn must be bad vibes

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showing up at an office full of cis ppl like "what is this, take your gender to work day??"

:violet: :is: not here :imp_murr: boosted This makes me want to make a PVP server with two factions: Preservationists and Industrialists

the preservationists use magic mods to fight and the industrialists use industry mods and robots

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By the way, schizophrenia isn't treatable.

No, seriously, no medication helps with schizophrenia.

Anti-psychotics treat only that symptom: psychosis.

Schizophrenia is much, much more than that, and the way your schizophrenic peers need your help is so much more than you probably think.

@DellaDragoness such a good vibe. I could go for some more :blobcatrainbow: right about now

re: The letter p 69381 times, yes seriously 

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If you'd like to help a schizo girl who's particularly struggling,,

Every bit makes a difference 💜

y'all can I get a VIBE CHECK in here? I'm feeling pretty :imp_tease: :baphomet: 🎃 🦇 ⛓️ :split_tongue: :nail_varnish: :penta: :blobcatrainbow: right about now

@violet ohhh yes look at his cute little content face jusT LOOK fjidsgnasdf and he's all curlED UP with a lil; blankie jngadsf I CAN'T

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