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re: eye contact,, new piercing!! 

can't really see the gems in this lighting but whatever

eye contact,, new piercing!! 

game recommend: DUE PROCESS 

game recommend: DUE PROCESS 

@RadicalEdward still struggling and basically homeless but you know that's the way the cookie crumbles


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@violet @Red

might just run a blog service that posts to my deadinsi.de account :blobcatsurprised:

mastodon is still terrible to maintain and federating as a single user instance is still annoying as hell.. The only way to make it more tolerable is relays, which it seems people are using to scrape user information now :imp_murr:

Working on my website now.. Thinking of moving demon.care over to cyberwitch.es but hmmmm...

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@NBLena i identify with her so much that playing this game is kinda trippy in a way

nsfw, hardcoded 

I look so much like the main character from the nsfw game Hardcoded and. maybe i am cute :3c

why i'm gay: kink shitpost edition 

Good evening lovelies!~

My computer has internet again! So I can finally get OBS set up and start streaming again! :imp_pwease:

also had so much fun at PAX, my boyfriend gave me an extra pass for Monday and I got to meet the artist for the game Heartbound,, OH MY FUCK, they're so :awwwblob:

favorite art style and also i'd let them murder me tbh

expect cute photos, and then later content from me c:

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