eye contact,, new piercing!! 

PLEASE HELP;; EMERGENCY; stuck in the desert with dogs, RV broke down 

One of my facebook friends' mom asked "why is :violet: always sticking her tongue out?" so here's a selfie of me. boosts are ok :imp_kiss:

selfie, ec, boosts please! 

MAJOR CW: Gore, injury, nasty, dead flesh 

i can only follow six more people. first come first serve make your case

hello I am sharing my cat Taloose with you today, he is very lovey and wants ur heart. Pls marry him

eye contact, picrew 

nintendo 3ds cracked, theme, eye contact 

:catChamp: KITTY RAVE OUTFIT, nsfw but not nudity, eye contact 

my tea fortune, for this tea that's supposed to help with moon cycles:

selfie vid! new collar, eye contact, boosts ok 

selfie, eye contact, good morning everyone!! 

forest adventure!! selfies, boosts+! 

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