Got internet at the new place! Think I need to go to the store and get a looooong ethernet cable :x

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Well. Wish I had a wifi card in my computer, would make this a lot easier in the short term. Still waiting for that long cat-7 to ship, since stores will sell it for like $40+ which is just ridiculous.

Once I have it though, I'll be able to stream things at ridiculously high rates.. so it shouldn't be a problem to do 60fps 1080p with a high bitrate. Luckily I'm already Associate with twitch so my viewers can downscale their output to their internet speeds' requirements.

I was hoping to like, start recording some footage for a youtube channel in advance.. But since I can't get -any- internet on my desktop yet, I can't really download any games or OBS to start that up. Can't even start setting up my scenes and stuff.

I guess I could plug a cable from my desktop into one of my laptops and try to internet share... I'm just so lazy and setting that up sounds tedious..

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