Anyone interested in buying MTG cards for less than you would have to pay for them online? I kind of want to sell my collection; I don't really play IRL anymore and I have several grand worth of cards just laying around; I could really use that money for improving my mental health, making sure I can pay for my car and my medication, etc.

I have a large collection and a lot of cards, so feel free to ask for what you want. Lots of expensive EDH cards, as well as a few signed ones from when I was working at Mox.

Anyways, hit me up if you want cards :blobuwu:

@violet Are boosts alright? I know a few folks who might be interested.

@LexYeen Definitely! Boosts are more than alright, they're much appreciated because I'd like to find people to take all this cardboard waifu off my hands :blobcatsurprised:

Maybe? I have their decklists online.. I just don't really have any friends to play with IRL anymore.

I'll probably keep Xantcha.. ohhh but baby muldrotha,,, and my atraxa waifu,,,,,,, hhhhhj

@sascha the downside to making almost every commander of mine be a waifu means I am going to have a hell of a hard time dismantling them to sell

ah fuck i forgot about Ayli somehow fndngn

And Queen Marchesa 😭

@sascha The only angels I allow in my deck are Atraxa, platinum angel, and the versions of the two angels getting fkn melded into some spooky eldritch shit

otherwise. fk angels, i'm way too demonic to play an angel deck :blobtonguewink:

@violet my favorite right now is prob

or well razia but she's actually a shit character, i just like her because it was my first good pull ever

@sascha woah hey that angel is actually good :blobcatsurprised:

@sascha yeah my friend plays an Aurelia deck.. they got annoyed last time because I was playing my [[Circu, Dimir Lobotomist]] deck and because they had already told me so much about their deck in excitement, I knew exactly which cards to yoink :imp_tease:

@violet that's really fucking good for a 4 drop wtf

it's essentially a 4-of-each counter to any deck

i'd call this stronger than [[Ixalan's Binding]] and that sees a lot of play

You would love to see the kind of shenanigans I have in that deck.. sadly I don't have a decklist and I'm cozy in bed already~

@violet thought erasure and its flavor text also meshes really well with what we've been talking about... don't let your brain play thought erasure you.

@violet hi! My SO plays EDH still and is looking for original dual lands. He's not on this site but lemme know if there's a way he can direct communicate.

I don't think I own any dual lands, my playgroup has them on our ban list 😅 sorry

@violet thought I'd ask! But he is interested in cards in general and can take some off your hands.

@fluffy That would be rad!

I forgot to pin a "contact info" post but if he has telegram I'm over at or on discord as viomi#0666

@violet Wehh... I've already spent my allotted spending money this paycheck.

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