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mildly macabre 

When you work at a stadium, and it's so loud that you go to say that "they could wake the dead," but then realise that the stadium was literally built on a cemetery, so if hasn't happened already, it could happen at any moment.

Alc mention, Sportsball, work. 

All these plebs at Suncorp stadium, letting me serve then their beers, bantering to me about how shit team X is compared to team Y, and I'm standing there nodding, agreeing.

But the dark secret is this.

I actually hate NRL.

I'm an AFL guy the whole way.

My day in a nutshell. 

Officially have a new job, almost had a breakdown, decided I need to change teachers.

Overall, not a bad day.

Worst post-ironic selfie ever taken. like, seriously, I'm a guy and this is bad. Boost at your own peril, but prepare to lose followers. 

Ya Boi be stylin' t'day.

I'm performing in a classical music concert tomorrow, but the twist is the only piece of music that was traditionally notated, we cut from the program.

This is gonna be interesting.

Food, Big thonk, mild pep talk. 

Whenever you start losing faith in the idea that humans are funny, I invite you to look at this picture.

Look at how awkward it is.

Look at how uncomfortable the man eating toast seems, or the guy drinking water that's too high above his head for it to be practical.

Hell the only one who looks like they're having fun is the woman eating ice cream.

Take a good look at all these things, and then keep these in your head as you read the following sentence;

We sent this picture into space for aliens to discover.

I declare myself high priest of the church of John Waters.

Join me or die by the sword, you cishet fucks.

Religion, STIs, Being mean to Mromons 

A conversation between me and my housemate;

Me: Hey, Chris, guess what my friend gave me today.

Housemate: Syphilis?

Me: *laughing* No, but perhaps just as medically alarming.

When other music universities can boast that people like Percy Grainger or Peter Sculthorpe went there, and all we've got are two violinists who have a million subs on youtube, and aren't actually that good or funny.

I'm gonna start a church devoted to the worship of Ainsley Harriott.

Anyone else keen?

I haven't seen enough talk on here about John Waters' film Polyester.

Why's that? It's the most Mastodon film I've ever seen.

I think the last episode of Blackadder goes forth will go down in history as the saddest episode of any sitcom I've ever watched.

AusPol. Racists. Sadness. 

TFW you think watching Fraser Anning supporters on youtube try and justify their horrible horrible beliefs would be a fine time-waster, but it just becomes a depressing spiral as you realise how much of a bigoted hole these people, your fellow countrymen (and they are mostly men), are in.

I'm gonna start a petition to make John Waters a member of my extended family.

Anyone else wanna join?

I seem to get more Boosts and favourites when I contribute to someone else's toots by replying.

When I make my own toots, I get significantly less attention.

Goddam it, I'm the Steven Moffat of Mastodon.

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