Though, given today, I'de believe you if it really was 1000ΒΊF today.


Coming back to Masto just to complain about an assignment that's due in two days that I'm too busy to do a good job of.

*breathe in*

*Breathe out*

Alright, let's do this!

These things aren't objective.

This why you must seek the. out.

But I can tell you that one of the best things I felt today was the feeling of enjoying a warm drink in a warm cafΓ© on a cold and grey day.

Yes, but it's not without its joys. The key to it, as far as I've found, is to find these joys, and enjoy them as much as you can.

I feel lucky to have done this.

The more I use masto, the more uncommon I feel myself being.

family crap, occasional caps, coarse language 

"Now listen here, mate. I'm ya FUCKIN' shrink, and if you don't get any FUCKIN' better, and if you don't FUCKIN' like it, ya gonna reGRET it!"


You've also gotta include those really really conservative corners on Mastodon, too, I suppose.


Implying violence against children. 

Stepping on the train and having a six-year-old call you boring.

Time to throw down, lol.

Woah, what the fuck?!

Monster's Inc. is actually an intelligent screenplay about how capitalism uses fear to sustain itself!

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