Worst post-ironic selfie ever taken. like, seriously, I'm a guy and this is bad. Boost at your own peril, but prepare to lose followers. 

Ya Boi be stylin' t'day.

Food, Big thonk, mild pep talk. 

Whenever you start losing faith in the idea that humans are funny, I invite you to look at this picture.

Look at how awkward it is.

Look at how uncomfortable the man eating toast seems, or the guy drinking water that's too high above his head for it to be practical.

Hell the only one who looks like they're having fun is the woman eating ice cream.

Take a good look at all these things, and then keep these in your head as you read the following sentence;

We sent this picture into space for aliens to discover.

Religion, STIs, Being mean to Mromons 

A conversation between me and my housemate;

Me: Hey, Chris, guess what my friend gave me today.

Housemate: Syphilis?

Me: *laughing* No, but perhaps just as medically alarming.

Food, Sexual slur but it's used in context. 


Gotta love that slut's spaghetti.

Strong profanity. Eye contact. 

Ladies and gentlefolk, I present to you; my sister.

Easter discourse. 

My parents have always been too lazy to be bothered with doing an actual Easter egg hunt.

Instead they just give us chocolate, tell us to leave then alone for a few hours and also lonely confess to having eaten 50% of the ones they originally bought.

When you're so "New music" you write music that's just words that are meant to be interpreted as notes.

selfie. eye contact. 

Went to an artsy fashion show. They let me make a sick visor.

It was cool.

Expensive tea pot. 

It was too beautiful.

Plus I got forty bucks off.

Illegal activities on display in a photo. 


Where the graffiti is nice and the derros don't hesitate to say g'day.

Being in rural Tasmania is like being in Twin peaks.

A very elderly lady just told had a rant to me about how breakfast is served too early in her nursing home. Plus, this is the view from the bakery where I just got pie and coffee;

Facebook caps, torries and me being blasΓ© about serious stuff. I guess I also may have confirmed a conservative dude's opinon that all lefties are sociopaths, but it's not like I could have convinced him otherwise. Ah well, I found this mostly kinda funny for myself. Maybe you will? 

I mean, I guess, at the very least, masto would agree with me here.

So I say fuck it! I've got nothing better to post on here today.

Instagram. Screenshot of it, too. 

Imagine being so unaware of yourself as an artist that you, a social media-using individual of sound mind and body, post your work under the hashtag of "outsider art" just to get attention from other hipsters who are similarly unaware of what being an outsider artist would actually entail.

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