Will Smith.

Yes that's actually my name.

Cis as fuck.

Straight as fuck.

Vanilla as fuck.

Privileged as fuck.

Australian as fuck.

Am composer but am also still trying to find my way through the field and haven't developed my own voice yet.

In all seriousness, you may dislike me from reading this, but that's on you, pal.

When it comes to it, we are human and are permanently equal on that ground.

Best of days and wishes to you.


Web 3 0 1

Excuse me, you cunt, but why the fuck are you such a bigot and a racist?

Mastodon is an ACCEPTING community, and your LACK of ACCEPTANCE makes me HATE you.


Why do you like such shit music!

Everyone knows that if you don't only listen to Merzbow, you may as well go do a flip off a bridge!


IDK, I just like what I like.

I'm kind of a liking Jellyfish.

I like whatever the currents of liking take me to.

As a cis straight white man, why don't you just die already.

You are the problem with everything!


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