As a giant, it is so hard to be cute. It just comes across as creepy...

Anyone down to have an in depth talk about sometuing?

I am at a turning point in my life.

Do I continue with my 10 year plan and do something truly ambitious with my life, or do I refocus my attention on my identity issues and go down a more self expressive path?

I can provide details, if interested, but needless to say the route I am on will involve governmental and business interaction. As we all know, outsiders tend to not fair well with those two.

I can keep one foot in the closet and potentially achieve a lasting legacy, or I can not. Help

Having a plushie made of my BFF's persona so I will be able to cuddle with her no matter where she is in the world.

Queer update: I'm competently and intensely queer.

I am going to try to add at least one random act of kindness to my daily regimen.

I tipped the bill last night and left before the waitress could see. I hope she had a nice evening.

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