Hey just a heads-up Mastodon, I was just made aware of this and I know others probably already knew but since Graham Lineham (Glinner) has been booted off of Twitter he's returned to his Mastodon instance

yall should make sure you domain block this pile of ass butts

@telecrush i know this guy's tagline is supposed to sound e-tough but it literally just screams "I'M MADE NO ATTEMPT IN MY LIFE TO LEARN HOW TO HAVE ADULT CONVERSATIONS" every time i look at it

@Viktor @telecrush "I don't know how to be a responsible adult and at this point I don't care enough to change"

@telecrush imagine thinking alienating people is a good thing to brag about

@telecrush Just imagine being the kind of person who... *gestures at all of that*

@telecrush getting him banned from Twitter was big, but yeah I totally expect him to go back to antagonizing people on here.

@telecrush His stupid clip art image bothers me so much because it's so terrible, like a crappy boomer political cartoon.

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