I'm currently ip banned but if anyone wants to challenge the even larger presence of 'fashwave' on the vaporwave wiki page, be my guest

but they're gonna give you a fight

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@plsburydoughboy @telecrush Someone on Wikipedia is adamant on documenting "fashwave" as a subgenre of Synthwave or, failing that, Vaporwave. :blobawkward:

@Jo @plsburydoughboy yeah, when in reality they're probably just using cookie cutter templates with fascist recordings in the mix

@Jo @telecrush OK, I was guessing it had something to do with the erasure of trans artists in that page but I guess it's worse

@plsburydoughboy @Jo yeah i too noticed that vektroid isn't on there and i'm pretty sure they were at some point

@telecrush @plsburydoughboy She's there in the second paragraph, but as Ramona Xavier rather than any of her pseudonyms.

@Jo @plsburydoughboy oh okay, still, she deserves bigger mention in that she basically almost invented vaporwave and/or in the very least exploded it into popularity

@Jo @plsburydoughboy I see it says she kinda had involvement in that but this feels too small for someone who is _nearly_ responsible for the entire scene

i think her name should be at the top lol

@plsburydoughboy oh, I got the fashwave reference removed from the Synthwave wiki by engaged in an edit-war, and then speaking personally to the person who was 'warring' with me

and then after they ip banned me (for aggressively deleting the fash ref) i was made aware to the fact that the vaporwave wiki page has the same thing, except it's also itemized in a list

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