today i learned that the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs was so catastrophically bad that when it hit, you would've not even seen it coming, and it punched a hole into the atmosphere which is extremely likely to have shot dinosaurs literally into space

not only are there likely dino bones on the moon, but there could be preserved dinosaur carcasses IN SPACE

@telecrush imagine living on a space station and it hits some debris and you go out to take a look at the damage and there's just an entire fucking frozen dinosaur embedded in the side of the station

@nezhac @telecrush we got our filthy, life-harboring earth-schmutz all over everything in the neighborhood . Yuck.

@telecrush holy shit you're saying astro-paleontology is viable?

@lunchgirl according to this article i was reading, yeah, there could definitely be bones on the moon lol

@telecrush probably not very well-preserved, since they would be taking *huge* amounts of solar radiation that whole time.

@telecrush I am now imagining dinosaurs as part of the space debris that compose Saturn’s rings.

@dollhaus heck why not lol

over the course of millions or billions of years, i have no idea where potential dinos flung into space would even bee

alpha centauri? further than that?

we'll probably never know

@telecrush being yeeted into the void because a giant fuckoff space rock kool-aid-mans right through the planet's security blanket is the only truly acceptable death

@KennyGGAllin it's pretty good, but I always kinda wanted to be completely reduced to my component atoms while sitting in a lawn chair at ground zero if I had my druthers @telecrush

@telecrush so what I'm getting is that Dinos were the first space travelers from planet earth.

@telecrush A mission to find a frozen dinosaur in solar orbit would be incredibly costly, potentially futile, and totally awesome! :)

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