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The sequel to ReKall, the psychosomatic, darksynth sledgehammer—RIDE ETERNAL is available digitally and via compact disc. Come find your way through the vacuum of space, and the continuing post-apocalyptic nightmare🔪

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About me, the Meryl 

It's very interesting

Patrick Stewart definitely learned everything one would have, starring in a show like Star Trek (he's a real life socialist)

and then on the otherhand, William Shatner learned nothing and bullies people on Twitter

Tumblr's like, "Here's a heartwarming story of a fascist who discovered the concept of minimal empathy by owning a live shrimp. Please clap."

my tailbone is finally healed enough i can sit sorta normal and now i'm realizing just how uncomfortable this 10 year old chair is lol

this artist i follow on twitter legit just said that rich people have the most to lose during this pandemic and i'm about to snap

No Man's Sky tho, it's such a good game now, and with a few more updates it's approaching MMO-lite territory

I haven't verified it yet, but this dude on youtube dropped a portal code for the best s class multitool in no man's sky

gonna jump in soon and go hunting for it

and anoooother thing to do in no man's sky is look for better multitools

you can have a collection of them but my goal is to just find an s-rank tool and then upgrade it with all the goodies

I'm waiting for Hello Games to make ship combat more dangerous but at the same time I don't like dying lol

Right now in my No Man's Sky game my character is a fleet commander, a farmer and a contractor and I have like 190 million credits

also, name every system you come across! because someone else will eventually find your discoveries and if you're like me and put your twitter handle in a system name, they can contact you and be all like "hey i found your system!"

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find a planet where a lot of players are (easily discoverable from the portal on the anomaly station) and build a base there so you can have a neat little meeting space with other people

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Once you have the living ship -- pulse drive around space and find random encounters, get upgrades, collect other ships that are s rank from aliens and store them on your capital ship (you can have 6), do faction missions and work your way into the merchant guild, buy expensive stuff and resell it, then rebuy going from system to system, effectively crashing the economy over and over til you're a billionaire

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I'm reading reviews on steam of NMS and a lot of dissatisfied newer players are talking about "well, I guess I gotta go to the center of the galaxy?? is that all?"

I'm going be Frank for a second

Hey I'm Frank

Don't go to the center of the galaxy, it's a pointless endeavor and a waste of your time lol (the game just starts over in a new galaxy, but with all your upgrades)

Instead -- Find a good planet for a base, build a huge base, become a farmer, get your first free capital ship, customize the inside of it to your liking, go to the nexus and do missions, fly around and work on the Artemis story and then the living ship, track down portal codes from other players and visit their planets, get an S rank discovery visor upgrade and make 100k per animal scan, etc, etc

I was hoping at some point No Man's Sky might be cross platform for an even greater chance of just randomly running into someone, but then I realized that system discovery overlaps would have to either wipe your discoveries, or someone else's

Certainly wouldn't want to lose my hundred some star systems that have an MSK prefix in front of them lol

what boomer named glenn drew this, i'm telling you i did not imagine the concept of online dating

hell at this point i don't even remember what it's like to be romantically involved with anyone

i've just been this husk making music hoping things work out for 4 years

my last g/f was long distance, and we got so far as to planning to move in together (before my life completely fell apart, mind you)

and you can do a lot of things with determination, the internet and a cellphone

people talking like 'dating isn't possible in quarantine'

is online dating no longer a thing lol i mean it was 5 years ago

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