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Now released, the ultra mega super anticipated sequel to Ride Eternal is Here™. Join me now for the album that traveled through time and space to reach your earholes—POLYBIUS has landed! 🔪 💥 👽 🚀

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About me, the Meryl 

Okay so basically, baaasically, it's been a struggle to find a place I actually wanna be on Masto: Maybe this is it though, but!

My name is Meryl (S. Kavanagh), and I am Eyeshadow 2600 FM, a retro/darksynth/electro act that I do all by myself, for my betterment and attempt to recover from a life that's kinda been broken by transphobia

You can find all my links on my profile, and when I'm working, or promoing and album I'll post about them but not like, 24/7 lol

Anyway anyone can follow except: Nazis, TERFs, misogynists

Here is a video for one of my tracks (cw for slight violence depiction):

i mean, is mid 40s really all that much older than me, i dunno

i'm more concerned about how the world is collapsing before my eyes

also is it normal that a woman 10 years older than me (i'm 35) is constantly ogling me

like it doesn't bother me but i've never had someone significantly older than me also so eyes-glued to me for what's been like 2 and a half weeks now

my direct supervisor is like 52 and he does the same shit i do

go home, play videogames, pass out lol

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last week i got into talking to coworkers and it seems like everyone is in their 30s

so like, millennials are running the retail stores now i guess

reading a thread of synth artists talking about hating how their wives make them do chores around the house and i continue to wonder how people like this end up married

i guarantee their are trans artists better than laura jane grace, whom you also won't have to watch be a lukewarm liberal on twitter

bandcamp could easily topple the entire industry including spotify if they just expanded their operations to streaming and distribution and simply kept paying artists rather than themselves

some major label executive: i'm a millionaire

any random music artist you can find: i can't pay my bills so i'm risking exposure to covid19

Imagine you're so late capitalistic, that actually paying people for their work is being "Highly Disruptive"... :anarchy:

"Los Angeles Times: How #bandcamp is disrupting the music industry"

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i go to work, risk infection probably around handfuls of times a day, then i go home crack open a beer and slap on some videogames while i think about the music i could be focusing energy on if i could manage my patreon up to a living wage

like i bet you a whole paycheck that everyone at a corporate level at walmart is hiding in a bunker 24/7 giving store level orders pertaining to how things are going to be handled

and on top of that, walmart is getting rid of their no penalty call-off system they've had in place for covid19, as if the pandemic is no longer a major threat lol

i'm staying at my job but i am also scared

but like, i'll be in the pharmacy section at work, which is getting slammed with products every single day, and customers frikken SWARM this area and i'm just like

yall need to pay me more to be here

which brings me to another concern, pretty much every coworker at my job absolutely is no longer taking covid19 seriously, as i stand there with my mask covering my face, sales being down and cases of infection rising in my state

if not 30 dollars an hour i think anyone working retail right now she be given hazard pay on top of their wages at least

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walmart's doing a massive shift in a week or so in how they handle store operations and stocking and whatnot, and this i'm aware of

my job will basically turn into "you stock anything and everything"

but then i see this article online saying some hourly associates (i am an hourly associate) will be given raises up to 30 dollars an hour

where's my 30 dollars an hour walmart and what is this article talking about lol

seeing snapshots of WoW streamers on social media, and i notice a lot of them look like they haven't left the room they started playing WoW in since 2004 lol

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