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The sequel to ReKall, the psychosomatic, dark synth sledgehammer—RIDE ETERNAL is now available in its entirety!

Come be trapped in the terrifying vacuum of space, starting now ♥

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About me, the Meryl 


Also I have multitudes of experience being a community moderator, so I do have an inch of authority on the matter

I pointed out a transphobic meme to this guy and he straight up told me metaphorically to my face that it wasn't bigotry, and when i continued to challenge him on it he shriveled into self-victimization mode -_-

Love having to point out to a community moderator things that are bigoted and not funny actually

just as i was talking about bigotry and whatnot in the music scene, i go into the /r/outrun discord and a producer who went on a neo nazi diatribute only 2 weeks ago hasn't even been banned lol

but, logging into someone's synthwave radio chatroom and seeing a guy drop the n-word casually, i uh

i feel like the electronic/synth scene has more problems that just silent transphobia

long post about transphobia/music 

long post about transphobia/music 

i'm in someone's ESO stream on twitch and was talking about vampire skills in the game and then an elder scrolls online dev responded to me directly lol

rising to the top of synthwave related channels while the really big voices seemingly continue to act like i do not exist lol 😎

I should post my stuff on reddit more but the confrontational nature of reddit makes me not do that, a lot

Posting one of my tracks on a darksynth subreddit and their rules are like 'if the track isn't hard enough WE'LL BAN YOU.'

like damn, why's reddit always so angry and confrontational all the time lol

That tea I drank earlier kinda helped, not sure how or why but it did 🤔

On another high note, I'm having some citrus lavender tea and I hope it helps

RE's sold 3 times since I've been awake today o_o Love to make money while sick as hell

fuck dark mode themes, i want more windows 95 themes on web sites

trying to convince label to find someone to remix 'escape from teracom 9', only my most popular track ever released with nearly 9000 streams on spotipizza

Still grooving to Eyeshadow 2600 FM's (AKA @telecrush) recent album Ride Eternal

If you have not checked it out from my previous posts do yourself (and your ears) a favor and check her out

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