2020 got my bussy STRESSED and PRESSED 🥴🙄

@swamp hey!! I’ve been hoping you were okay!


No lie like you crossed my mind a couple hours ago!!! 🥺🙏🏾 awww!! I've been doing a ton of shadow work and healing 🥺🥴 we got some catching up to do!! I hope you been well!

@swamp well, life’s really had some tremendous ups & downs. As of Tuesday it’s been entering one of the downs, but I’m hoping I’ve got some improved mental health tools for coping with it... we’ll find out? I’d love to know what’s been healing you


I feel you on that. The energy this week been heavy. "/ I hope you'll find some comfort.

I've been showing myself (really my brain 🤡) more patience and compassion, giving it what it needs and wants. Been reaffirming myself of my worth when negative, self-deprecating thoughts wanna show they ass! Doing creative shit that's stimulating!!! Magick!! Learning something new! Being social (and distant ☹). And being of service! It's been hell but these inner wounds aint gone heal themselves. 😭🥴

@swamp all of that sounds really good to do. Creativity & magic save me so often.

@swamp hay girl hay, was just thinking “I wonder how Swampy is” so checking in on you.

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