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Any cute person: *directed at everyone* "DMs open hmu"
My brain: "holy shit like we can message them and it wouldn't (necessarily) be unwarranted and annoying"
Me: "oh fuck you're right let's do it. What should I say?"
Brain: "... I don't know I didn't think we'd get this far"

Can someone please invent the online equivalent of like just sitting next to someone but not actually saying anything? Would make everything so much easier.

Five great Carly Rae Jepsen songs that aren't Call Me Maybe:

• I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance
• All That
• Boy Problems
• First Time
• Black Heart

Having a federated git-hosting platform is a really good idea! Let's ditch GitHub for a git-fediverse

Blog post by Stargirl Flowers:

uspol, requesting opinions 

What do you think the correct response from police or a police alternative should have been to the terrorists breaking into the Capitol building?

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fascism, twitch, us politics 

so y'all are aware, the PogChamp guy "gootecks," has been for a while now (long before today), and currently is posting fascist shit

the most recent post is calling for more fascist riots, declaring a killed fascist a martyr, and promoting a fascist video hosting website

I wish mastodon had a feature to add a cw and/or image caption to boosts

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noob: look up special character and copy-paste it
GAMER: memorize the unicode sequence

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Rich Girl Posting, Seeking to redistribute money 

Okay, so my parents have given me free reign to donate a substantial amount of their money to any nonprofit I choose.

Only restriction is that it has to be tax deductible, (*sigh*).

I need recommendations of the 501(c)3's whose work is most aligned with abolition of the PIC/Capitalism/White Supremacy.

(I know the NGO-industrial complex is a thing, but I'm not going to turn down any chance to move my parents' money to marginalized people)

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🎵 All I want for Christmas is 🎶

Playing minecraft all day long just please let me play the Cübe™

I think the key difference between people who have empathy and people who don't is that people who don't have empathy see other people as just NPCs in their life, while people who do have empathy are aware on some level that they are an NPC in other people's lives

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asking for help 

advocacy is really starting to wind down already prior to the government shutdowns over christmas. i'm really struggling with bills, anything would help. feel like crap needing to post this link again but everything is so, so deeply appreciated. if there's any way i can help you in return, please let me know.

I had a dream last night where I made a toot on here that got really popular for some reason, and it got like hundreds of faves and boosts and I became mastodon-famous lmao

Christmas Time is Here - performed by Carolina Eyck on theremin, synth, and vocals

Sometimes I get a sudden strong desire to listen to very specific types of music that don't even exist—this time I just wanna listen to some medieval tavern ethereal synth ambient music but there's no way I'm finding a playlist for that

I love my lil dog so much. Today he came up to me and got me to play chase with him around the house. He's so fast so I can't really catch him without basically jumping on him, but sometimes he "lets" me catch him and it's so cute. We both got some exercise and some quality bonding time <3

Image description bc I forgot 

Meme that says "Come to the DEEP SEA" with 9 images below, each captioned.

Images, left to right, top to bottom:
1. A fish that looks like a spaceship captioned "We got spaceships"
2. Some sort of long, spindly ocean spider captioned "spiders"
3. Some noodly-looking things similar to anenome captioned "wacky wavy tube mans"
4. A thing that looks like a flower underwater, with Cursed Lighting™ captioned "flower"
5. Some sort of turtle-y sea-crab sort of thing with angry-looking eyes captioned "Dennis"
6. A bioluminescent jellyfish-like creature captioned "shinybois"
7. A thing that looks like a jellyfish, but has thick tendrils and is opaque, captioned "Jellyfish I think?"
8. A squid looking thing with strings extending downwards from its arms, T-posing, captioned "wait what is that"
9. A bioluminescent squiggly noodle thing captioned "seriously what is that im scared"

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