Here's an example-- I took The Entertainer by Scott Joplin, played it through a synth and added a drum kit lol

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trans meme i made 

for context i am not out irl yet

meme, deep sea creatures 

come to the deep sea. you'll love it!

Power just went out for my entire university campus. The dorms, the student center, the streetlights (even in town), everything. My dorm hallway is in full spooky mode and I love it

cute animal pic 

Just found this in my camera roll from two years ago and thought I'd share

I miss the ease of use of Mint + Cinnamon but Arch + i3 is super fast and looks sick and the repos + AUR have like everything. I'll keep a Mint partition just in case I have an urgent need for something to Just Work™

Also this graphics card is comically large lmao. It barely even fit in here

My optical drive didn't fit all the way in my PC, so I used a little washy tape to hide the gap and make it look nicer

I configured SSH on my phone so I can control my server remotely from anywhere!

Serenity Laboratories

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