I can’t wait for the day I feel good in my own body. It’s like feeling good is surreal or something.

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i'm HERE



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living rich right now because I’ve got a contract with Elmer to give myself to becoming a new type of glue in ten years

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transphobes get in the fucking bin this year we rise the fuck up

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:slime: henmlo welcome to my sleminar (slime seminar) :slime:

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i'm sorry i just really love rex orange county, sunflower gets me SHOOK

"I'm A Lesbian and I Love Rex Orange County. I'm Not Afraid of Realtors", or How I Learned How Hot Dogs Are Made

that guy that says "my hero macadamia" wants to join the hbomberguy stream

list of people to check out because they're cool:
@lemememeringue - likes almost every one of my toots. great friend with great words to speak.
@cheyenne - pulls bitches nonstop. trust me. also foreskin
@lynnesbian - the best bunnygirl u could ever hope to know. also has great toots
@toilet - cheered me on. great friend with great toots and an excellent avatar.


See, I think it's kinda funny how I predicted my whole "No More Sad" episode. They've happened multiple times before and I usually dig myself out of them by planning out what I'll do and cheering on some of my friends. They keep me alive and I really don't know what I'd do without them.

I won't keep myself down anymore. I fucking refuse. I'm overwhelmed because I choose to be. Tomorrow, I will part my desktop out and I will make an appointment at the clinic for one month out. I know I can do this. There are so many other people who have done this. I can't just keep myself tethered to my bed not doing anything. Tomorrow is the day. However, if they're closed (because it's Martin Luther King Day), I will call back tomorrow after school. I will sit in my car and make that call.

Tomorrow, I think I will part out my desktop and sell all but the hard drives. That should get me a good amount of money to start out.

A sidenote: not having insurance sucks. If you don't have it but you're able, then get it. Stop putting it off. It's terrible.

I'm just glad I have friends that understand what's going on and are supportive. That's really all I can ask for right now.

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i want to get my name changed but it sounds fucking terrifying and i really hate this, probably the 38th memoir i've made

yiff.life is actually flipnote hatena part 2

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