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i made a cool song today :3 also i love my girlfriend

if i'm ever filling out an application that's like "are u known by any other names" i will not put my deadname. i fucking hate capitalism

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Yo if you’re cis, IMO you should consider changing your name. Not like “it’s a thing you need to do” but have you ever considered ur name? How do you feel about it? Want a new one?

everyone deserves the chance to pick their own name you should try it at least once and see if you like it

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holy fuck if i could die without affecting anyone i so would

rip juice world he made some pretty cool music and he died to protect him and his friends from the cops

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listening to mac miller thinkin about how i can never let myself rest and i constantly overwork myself and that's how i'm so strong, i'm always doing something at all times and i hate it i hate adhd so much

some trans people: wow my current situation makes me want to end my own life

everyone else: LMAO ok do it

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Everything wrong with Discord in 5000 words or less.

Please boost. Please move off Discord. Please take your friends with you.

I can make edits upon request.

i have no idea how to do anything with carrier stuff, why am i doing this?

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so i was doing edibles and enjoying being high with my gf but my anxiety was like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA sabrina you fucked up!" so now i'm working on this again

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the only thing i did was search "wifi calling aosp lg" on ddg and scrolled down half the page

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over the next few days i will be attempting to (hopefully) implement wi-fi calling into AOSP roms for LG phones

occasionally i'll get these weird feelings like my personality has changed/i want to be someone else and they last for a few days and i want them to stop

i think i'm having a panic attack over thinking about college. this is very nice. why do i want to go to college?

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support a black “creative” AKA black law student 

I saw people talking about supporting black creatives, so I thought I would participate. I’m not a creative by career but I do some creative things on the side.

I’m a gay, black, trans guy who is a 2L in law school. Like many legal interns, I’m working for free this summer at a nonprofit. I work to help the wrongly incarcerated make cases for exoneration. The vast majority of my clients are black and brown men.

My law school is supplying some aid this summer, but it’s nowhere near the amount of what a paralegal makes (and we generally have more schooling!).

My CashApp is $lucifugel.

Anything would be appreciated. I am working hard to become a lawyer that defends the rights of minorities like myself!#transcrowdfund#blm

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fedi block suggestion 

beep boop user/instance block time, kino @ is spouting some freeze peach bullshit and misgendering and is the admin of that server #fediblock

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