he broke up with me and ghosted me last week so :/

i love my boyfriend so much. he said he'll let me know if i'm being annoying or irritating and it's something i feel like people hate me for so aaah i just don't want him to hate me!!!

previously on the life of sabrina: i am a lesbian
on this episode of the life of sabrina: well

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Crowdfunding help 

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blurry selfie, ec 

would anyone like to be my friend.mp4

smonk/drug ment 

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just because im a sysadmin doesn't stop me from going full anprim mode whenever i experience a minor inconvenience using computer

i am extremely braindead right now and i want to sleep but my bed has so much stuff on it and i feel suicidal so *dab* time to exist

*takes a hit from my juul* yeah i've done acid. yeah i do computer stuff. i'm also a transfemme lebbian. what else do you want me to do

me: i'm not using my computer right now, might as well update it
arch: does the updates
me: okay time to restart, it started up, let's login and my bar isn't showing up jesus christ

nsfw, sexual stuff (+) 

am i the only switch transbian in the world

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No Gender November has anyone done that yet copyright dirt 2019 send toot

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