twitter just reminds me about how racist n ableist the world is

rosalina is the funniest character in the mario fandom to me. imagine having godlike power over the whole universe and owning a spaceship that can travel to any corner of the cosmos but you still get roped into playing tennis with a bunch of italian men

drug ment 

i identify as an 80’s synth and my pronouns are bwee/bwah

if i don’t get my period by friday i’m suing glow

God Oh I’m Online So Hard I’m Typing With My Ass

im fucking sticky moterfucker get used to it or scram sticky for my life til the day i di.e

no one should have to pay for music. the labels should just give the artists a lot of money for what they do

drugs (+) 

drugs (+) 

drugs (+) 

drugs (+) 

Bears are smart. Congratulations, bear.

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