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i have therapy in 30.

is she gonna be mad at me?????

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i ate and took meds and showered so i should be functioning right??

i just had to retype right like 4 times because my fingers keep twitching so bad

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I layed in bed for a while bc my body hurt from all that gaming and it was very nice but I felt nothing but hunger. No sleep. Just hunger

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Up all night playing minecraft so I don't face the horrors of whatever ghost/spectre/demon is haunting me when I sleep

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sleep, neg 

I'm afraid to sleep

I don't wanna sleep

So I'm not gonna sleep

Let's see how long this lasts

hi, first post.

here is an image of what seems to be some sort of frog or toad.

as you can see, this fellow is large compared to many other frog/toad-like creatures.

although they are large, they can still be held in hand. I think that says a lot about the sizes of toads, frogs, etc.

food, finances complaining 

I'm hungry but I had a bad dream and feel paralyzed to move for some reason (I think it's bc of the content of the dream) so I wanna order food but my checking account ran out of money so after moving some money around from savings I feel like I shouldn't spend anything ever again

I didn't realize that there actually is a thrift store within walking/biking distance but last I went it wasn't that special

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I wish there was either a thrift store in walking/bicycling distace or actual public transportation so I can go to the thrift store

It's 10:30 in the am I got the old clean clothes folded and put away and I got about one or two more loads left to go into the machines and I have more loads to fold and I'm already tired but not tired enough to want to bike to 7-Eleven or somewhere else for ice cream or smth

Missy loves popcorn so much that she likes to watch it pop in excitement

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