fedi is one of the only sources of good online counterculture on the net i've found. what happened to hacker culture. where are the rest of the internet punks. why don't more people care
idk how to convey what i'm angry about. why do so many people look at all of these awful "influences" and "content creators" and not see something so inherently wrong with these terms. are the rest of us nothing more than people to influence, or content consumers? it's so transparently inhuman. the thought that fedi is one of the only human-feeling spaces on the net i've seen makes me wonder how other people cope with this mass alienation.

@wizard The rare times I get to see what my family members are using.. the, bizarre, pattern is, they don't seem to be suspicious of companies.. The things I react negatively to, I see my siblings just chomp at it, they buy the subscriptions and the new hardware, and evidently don't think much of them..


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@wizard Like, you know how back then, people liked YouTube because it allowed them, regular people, to share their creations, where before the only way was through a TV station. People liked YouTube for a political reason, and also people envisioned themselves as capable and willing to make their own videos and share them

When I look at my family members use.. like, TikTok or Instagram or something, it's.. not that they can't think of themselves doing that. They do upload things, and like such platforms today are fundamentally popular because ostensibly, everyone is making things, it's all user-uploaded content, but


@wizard from what they say, it seems like, they think of content creators as a different class, an explicitly separate one. You can become one at any time but once you do, you become something different from everybody else.

With that mindset, that only some people are content creators and everyone else is listeners, you don't think, oh I make things for my friends and share it with them, you think, I make things for the public, I should try to be more professional = like the big shots, I'm gonna have to deal with money...


@wizard It's easy to be "um guys???" when you thought the internet was, all of us together making things. It's a.. sort of humanist mindset? that you'd think everyone understands, cause like the modern world seems to be like that, basically

But if you're a person who always had a capitalist mindset, that everyone is a seller or a buyer, then you'd feel right at home with today's tech landscape, you'd never notice anything was wrong

And I guess that is what's going on


@snowyfox there's a huge amount of effort that goes into creating "content" and selling it to others now. it's very impersonal.

i wonder how much space there is in the mental market for anarchist versions of non-politicized content. would anyone watch it at all. would it be worth making if nobody watches it.

@snowyfox @wizard I think at some point the creative class wannabees will come to realize that sellers will always massively outnumber buyers (buyers and patrons combined, really) and if we're lucky the fever will break. But whether the platforms will be at all usable by whatever post-fever culture emerges is another question entirely.

@snowyfox @wizard Creatordom is like sports, once one loses amateur status, that's IT.

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