just for further information I'm not just posting this bc its a fun novelty and a long long boy, though both those things are true, but bc I've been informed by some spoonfolk that these can be incredibly helpful in alleviating pain and assisting sleep

I will report back later with my review :3

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forgot to report back on this so can now say after many months of use that this is possibly the best £40 I've ever spent in my life: it significantly reduces pain, allows me to sleep in a kind of nest shape and is bigger than hazel

sadly it is currently gone from amazon but meb will come back? and other longboys could be good too, its just that most of them look like they're in fixed shapes whereas the versatility of this one is a big part of its appeal

@shonalika Heck yes! I basically use a huge sofa cushion for this purpose... I can't sleep unless something supports my kne, and if I can hug it too it's just extra bonus.

@maloki I mean honestly I figure I'd really like this even if I didn't have physical problems, so am v looking forward to it ^^

@shonalika i have kludged this a few times by rolling my weighted blanket into a very heavy sausage and as a spoonfolk, can confirm it really salvages a bad night sometimes

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