NEW VIDEO: Gays In Space: The Limits of Cisnormative Sci-fi

did a new video peeps! (sorry for the delay ^^;)

its another unscripted one, talking mostly about gender and the Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers. shares, comments, likes and all other algorithm pleasing activities appreciated as ever 💫

@shonalika Ooo, I love the Wayfarer series but I definitely know it has problems around gender, going to check this out, thank you!

@photonicfae thank you! yeah it's been bugging me for a while, so I thought it would make for a good first foray into booktube

@shonalika Excellent. I watched it now and completely agree with you about the gender being tied to sex especially.

You also raised some points that weren't really at the forefront of my thinking about it, for example the need for gender, or at least stereotypical human gender (especially language) at all and the Aeluons being perfect, so thank you for that 🙂

@shonalika i actually recently reread this series and have been thinking about it a lot, so this should be interesting!!

@shonalika OMG u mixed up the books ur such a n00b! :ms_stick_out_tongue:
Just kidding, of course. I respect you for making a non-scripted video at all; I'd make a *lot* more mistakes if I tried making a scripted one, much less one that is not! :ms_smile:

@shonalika This is excellent timing, because I just recently read The Long Way. After @arsha and @Jayde both recommended it to me, I had to stop procrastinating. And yup, it was pretty good! Slowly making my way through Common Orbit now.
I must admit that, beyond being disappointed there were no NB characters in the book, I didn't give gender much thought. I was too focused on, for example, complaining to my friend about the relationship between Jenks and Lovely, which I feel is a little problematic. Not because of her being an AI, mind, more because of her being an AI that is clearly programmed to want to please others above anything else. This is kind of ruining the second book for me so far, tbh.
But anyway! Your video was lovely and brought up several things I didn't even think of. I would've loved some exploration of grum who feel wrong about having to switch their pronouns to he all of a sudden, or who would like to just be considered nonbinary to begin with, or ... anything.

@Mayana @arsha @Jayde "or ... anything" p much sums up my frustrations with the gender in these books lmao

and thank you re unscripted video! it's a lot more nerve-wracking to be off the cuff but also its nice to take that perfectionism pressure off?? unsure how many I'm going to do like this but I figure more casual review type vids like this could be good contenders 🙂

@shonalika Hah, funny how that works, isn't it? There's more pressure in certain ways, but also less.
Right! I think this style works for those really well. It gives the videos a more conversational feel, which is more comfy for me because it's closer to how I talk about books with my friends. Granted, some people don't have the patience for this because unscripted videos will naturally be longer, but that's fine. To each their own.

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