cleared two months in my schedule for recording but failed to take into account that over the last 1 1/2 years I have completely forgotten how to sing

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I'm not even joking either like this isn't a thing I can just shove myself back into and expect to be as good as I was straight away. it'd be like trying to run a marathon after spending a year on the sofa

intellectually I think I KNEW that, but heck its frustrating having to basically relearn everything at a gentle and careful rate when all I wanna do is hammer these songs out

@shonalika I understand this mood. Possibly too well...

Sometimes, the hardest person to be gentle with is yourself...

@shonalika whenever I go a while without singing and start again I'm reminded that it's an activity that requires muscle control and conditioning and I have to retrain those muscles because they're out of shape.
Same feeling of intellectually I *knew* that - but whyyy. Same thing with working out lol - whyy can't we just keep the muscles why do we have to keep training them it's not fair

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