NEW VIDEO: Dealing With Chronic Pain (pt 1)

a video where I talk about what I do when the pain is bad

usual stuff, share about if you find it useful or know someone who will, comments on the video feed the algorithm and all that 💜

my existing subscriber base/the algorithm is NOT big on this one so far, I guess the topic is a lil too niche. but judging from what ppl have said so far it's a useful series for chronic pain sufferers and I wanna keep it going

so I need extra help to get this series to the people who need it - if you know anyone who might find this video helpful, please send it on!

thanks for all the shares etc so far :blobcatheart:

@shonalika i'm always hesitant to boost anything like this, but the video is clearly, "do what works for you, and don't hurt yourself", and i respect it

@healyn thank you, that's totally fair tbh. I think anything that presents itself as THE answer is nonsense and I had to catch myself several times in the video just to double clarify that I'm just sharing what works for me and not any kind of definitive universal process

@shonalika i just finished it (wtf Shonalika, 27 minutes?), it's a strong video

@shonalika I watched this last night, and it was so good. Made me think of my own stuff in some new light, but also feel like I could add something to the conversation.
Thank you

@shonalika I didn't know the thing about progesterone!!! this was a super cool video, thank u for making it. I get tiny repetitive stress injuries sometimes from typing at bad angles or too much and am gonna try some of these techniques

@shonalika interesting, thanks!
I personally find compressive gloves a lifesavior, I wear them a lot, even summer, but didn't think that normal gloves could help, I think it's a point I didn't understood well in your video? But my english isn't perfect so, probably me, should rewatch.

Your talking about progesterone was interesting as well, my endocrinologist was pretty sure that it couldn't provoke my pains, but I have to admit that the start of my HRT match with the aggravation on my pains (but also with a lot of changes in my life, so it could just be coincidental).

I know trans guys with EDS, well they still have hypermobile symptoms while taking Testosterone and probably having a lot less progesterone in the body so, who knows🤷‍♀️

Anyways, thanks for the video, have a great day 👋

@shonalika Really appreciated this. I've been in a weird position for a fair few months in that I have a generalised leg pain problem that's temporary but indefinite, if that makes sense? Like I should recover but we have no idea when or to what degree, so I've been stuck like, considering taking any proper look into chronic pain management as being appropriative but also completely underserved by any of the normal stuff for temporary pain management; so it really helped to have you just lay this all out piecemeal no judgement.
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