NEW VIDEO: Why I Wear Gloves

a video about disability, hopefully the first in a series

comments and shares and all that appreciated as usual ty 💜

@shonalika this was very nice to hear about, as someone who's been going through a similar thing for the past year. I'm definitely going to be tuning in, tips and processing reflections are going to be so helpful 🙏

@shonalika also to just further communicate this: thank you for sharing your experiences, I am truly immensely grateful. I'll leave a comment on youtube soon too for the ~algorithm~

@noizpride thanks so much! I really hope this series will be useful for you 💜

@shonalika Thank you for posting this, it's very helpful to hear other people's coping mechanisms.

In the event it helps anyone else, I have MS and Raynaud's that causes hand neuropathy, weakness, and intense cold (not so much joint pain). These gloves have been a lifesaver, they are thin enough to type with, I can use my phone touchscreen, and it basically has wax woven in that makes the inside low-texture and helps maintain temperature without being thick.

Now I think I understand a bit more about a friend with some level of disability, thank you for sharing 🙏

@shonalika It's always educational to learn more about the issues of other disabled people! I'll definitely give this a listen. Knowing you, it'll be another awesome video. :eyeless_smile:

@shonalika Thank you so much for the video, I finally watched it!

You made a lot of things clearer for non-disabled people like myself (I did know about EDS before though), I'm glad you could film once again.

And I liked listening you ramble on, it felt very natural!

@azaliz thank you!! its really reassuring to hear people liked the unscripted style

@shonalika it's a relief to hear another person talking about how cold affects them. I don't think mine is as bad as yours, but I get that be outside for just 5 mins in cold air & it triggers pain, which can last days.

Maybe no script but it is a great video. I look forward to seeing more. In the meantime, I'm going to look for some half finger gloves.

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