NEW VIDEO: Why Wasn’t Tracy Beaker Gay? | The Impact and Legacy of Section 28


have a click if you’re interested and leave me a comment on the youtube to feed that algorithm if you like ~

@shonalika I only learned about Section 28 a few months ago and was so furious. Gonna watch this right now.


@Dolly I hope you find it useful/informative!

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@shonalika I'm almost certain I will! (I'd leave a comment afterwards but I refuse to create a channel on youtube)

@shonalika Also your fingerless gloves are so cool! Are they supposed to be ace pride flags or is that accidental? :blobcatace:

@Dolly no that's accidental!! I have a variety of random colours, I don't think any of them are intentionally flags. that would be so cool though!!

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