it’s funny how in body swap stories when a girl inhabits a boys body other girls are always suddenly more attracted to them, like do the writers not realise what they’re saying

@uint8_t I mean that would be great!! but I don't have that much faith in the cis

@shonalika @uint8_t I mean, having read more than my share of body swap and generaly gender TF stories, I'm positive most authors aren't that cis to begin with x)
@uint8_t @shonalika maybe they are also more vague intentionally (political), and depending on where it's written and published women loving women could be more accepted. I've read a thread on translations losing vagueness with broad interpretations the other day where the possible implication of a trans woman would be translated into "gay men" or "crossdressing" in english. i don't really trust cis people to handle this very well.
@uint8_t @shonalika thinking about the girlfriends who retired to a house together, and where Hisashi Eguchi says at some point about a character that she's the kind of girl they would have been if they only could but it's too late.. and
@shonalika @uint8_t I rely on subtitles or translations in German, English or other languages I speak, and how one translation of Sailor Moon made it less queer is.. sad.
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