sex adj 

not loving this trend of sex toys being called shit like "enby" and "they/them" and shit I find it really reductive and derogatory


not gendering stuff means... NOT gendering it, not assigning it a nonbinary gender ffs

it's a similar issue to "gender neutral" clothing lines like no just don't gender clothes

I hate gender as a marketing gimmick ESPECIALLY when used on people who are trying to break out of that shit

sex adj shitpost 

just call the """enby""" a bicycle seat and be done with it

sex adj shitpost 

@shonalika oh wow it is literally a bicycle seat

sex adj shitpost 

@wolfie they could have had such fun with marketing too. the only bicycle seat you WANT to put your bum on

@shonalika it’s wild, and honestly one of those cases where the “older” term works better- just call shit unisex lmao

@shonalika gendering colors drives me up the wall. We've never done that with my kid, but he goes to school and one day comes home saying "pink is a girl color". It's just a color, dude. I specifically purchased pink shirts to try and shut that down.

@shonalika we're working on it! The other bizarre one was "girls ride ponies" which like... that's just a little horse, my guy

@shonalika but how else would the cottage industry of resizing boxer-briefs for people without dicks and then acting like that's the thing that all nonbinary people have been waiting for to liberate ourselves perpetuate itself?

@shonalika I think at the moment more people want gendered clothing (I’m not one of them).

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