good morning, please tell me all media you have ever seen non-binary representation in besides she-ra and steven universe

@celesteh you mean the new one or the original? (I've seen very little of either)


The new one. One of the characters is figuring himself out and is trans mac and/or enby. This is basically the only good thing about the show, which reads like it was written by a computer algorithm intended to enrage conservative American Christians.

@shonalika lilly whachowsky recently explained how they hid hints at it in the movie:

however I may have got ahead of myself and may count as binary? I'm sorry if so.

@codeforchaos mh I think it's all well and good if they hinted at it or claimed it afterwards but I'm looking for representation that's explicit in the media itself

@codeforchaos @shonalika are you talking about switch with the white hair?

I think they cut that from the final film but they were meant to be a different gender inside the matrix as to outside it.

@kawaiipunk @shonalika she (Lilly Wachowsky) talks about how "the corporate world wasn't ready for it", but I think it is possible to have new interpretations of past works despite the initial context in which they came out

@shonalika a European animation for kids from Norway: "Benedikt und das Monster / Bendikt & Monsteret" I saw on on Die Sending mit der Maus (aimed at school age kids in Germany!), where the lad didn't want to conform to macho gender norms and would rather wear a dress, and the monster he found under his bed didn't want to scare people but instead to be a Chanson singer (Euro-ballads that predate Schlager), so they both go to the ball together..

@shonalika The Netflix sci fi series Another Life has a non-binary character played by a non-binary actor.

@shonalika i don't know the title in english but we have a wonderful book nammed Le prince et la couturière written by Jen Wang

It's a comic, children can read it easily, i love it.

@shonalika I think its called The Prince and the Dressmaker in english!

- Dicey Dungeons (the Jester)
- Virgo vs the Zodiac (Aries)
- I think Choice of Magics gave you the possibility of having your character being referred to by they/them pronouns, and gender neutral titles if applicable. I may be confusing that with another similar game though, it has been a while :<

So I mostly watch YouTube right now, idk if you want nb characters in SIMs let's play series? Cause Englishsimmer has a few?

@shonalika April Daniels books Dreadnought and Sovereign (main character is trans, one clearly non-binary supporting character).

@shonalika Danger & Eggs is an animated kids show and like ep 12 theres an important character who uses they/them.
In the Magnus Chase Trilogy the second book introduces a genderfluid kid who is the offspring of Loki.

@shonalika @xmakina There’s that one episode of Star Trek: TNG where they visit a planet of gender-less aliens (“The Outcast”). It’s not perfect – it mixes metaphors between gender and sexuality (and it also depicts a hegemonic gender-free government).

@ashfurrow @xmakina I've found a recurring problem in sci-fi is that things like sexuality, gender, and sex are conflated. it's incredibly frustrating to watch as it feels like a missed opportunity

@ashfurrow @shonalika also yes they're techinically all genderless but oh boy does the one Riker (tries to?) bangs sure is traditionally woman shaped...

@xmakina @shonalika oh! there’s another scifi that depicted genderless aliens, called “Earth: Final Conflict” Most of the explicitly aliens were portrayed by afab actors but they all used he/him pronouns (it was the nineties). I liked the show, and how it portrayed a society that just didn’t have the concept of gender. [cw ec]

@ashfurrow @shonalika oh man earth final conflict is an absolute ride; fun fact: they pioneered "kill all the main characters" years before GoT and it's ilk

@shonalika season 2 of Infinity Train is focused on a non binary character! It's an abstracted self discovery story but one of the most implicit and well done ones I've seen.

@shonalika can't think of many out of my mind but: Transcendent anthology series, Tensorate fantasy series, comics: Moth & Whisper, Lumberjanes, Goodbye to Halos. if non-human non-binary count: Wayfarers sci-fi series, Left Hand of Darkness

@shonalika Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver is one of my favourite books and also has non-binary characters :)

@shonalika The graphic novel I'm reading at the moment, Mooncakes, has a non-binary main character. They even have a scene where, on meeting the lead's grandmothers again for the first time in a few years, simply corrects them that yes, they used to use "she", but now "they", and there's nothing made of it beyond that.

And they make a supremely cute couple. ^_^

@shonalika oo just remembered, Carmilla (the webseries) has a non binary character played by a non binary actor, there is some dead naming and misgendering from a friend they've known since before they came out but in general they are just accepted and an important part of the story

@wolfie @shonalika The monochrome claymation musical detective video game Dominique Pamplemousse has a recurring theme that everybody misgenders Dominique as he or she, and Dominique gets annoyed that nobody asks. You never do find out their (?) preferred pronouns.

@shonalika the Murderbot series

titular Murderbot uses it/its pronouns even as it integrates into human society (and occasionally has to tell well-meaning humans this)

& the various squishy humans it is charged to protect have a variety of genders (and family structure) from a variety of societies

@shonalika There's lots of stuff in literary SFF: Left Hand of Darkness, Ancillary Justice, Raven Stratagem, The Hundred Thousand Kingdom, Red Threads of Fortune/Black Tides of Fate.

Sandman and Good Omens, Doom Patrol.

Another Life had a nonbinary character, but I couldn't get through the first half of the season.

@cbrachyrhynchos I read Good Omens as a teenager, I don't remember the nonbinary character. who was it?

@shonalika @cbrachyrhynchos i don't think anyone in the book is nb, but one of the Horsepeople in the series uses they/them (and i believe one of the angels also does)

@shonalika Most of the non-human characters are canonically nonbinary, something that's made visual in the TV adaptation through casting and costuming.

@cbrachyrhynchos @shonalika Specifically in the TV adaptation the Horseman Pollution is explicitly NB and uses they/them pronouns

@cbrachyrhynchos @shonalika I was also going to suggest Ancillary Justice! The main culture doesn't really recognize gender, and everyone is assigned she/her pronouns regardless of sex. Occasionally a character will be mentioned to be male or female, but most are left ambiguous and only referred to as she/her. (The POV character is also uhhh only ambiguously human, being a multi-bodied AI who then gets stuck in one human body)

@alpine_thistle @shonalika There's a early moment in Ancillary Justice where a character is medically gendered, and Breq is like, "What does anatomy have to do with it? She can change that at any clinic and anatomy isn't gender anyway?"

The Culture (Ian Banks) is also nonbinary and gender-fluid, although that's undermined by the narrative choice to assign arbitrary genders to characters.

@alpine_thistle @shonalika Provenance set in the same universe is set on a world where commitment to gender is a necessary rite of adulthood, with one character uncomfortable because three still isn't enough.

I've also heard good things about Raven Tower, although I've not read it yet.

@shonalika Hollis in the Amnesty season of The Adventure Zone
This episode of Arthur (at least I think it was Arthur) when they try to find out the gender of their new green friend by observation and finally give up and just ask and the friend says they don't have one yet, they might pick one later

@corv @shonalika

That sounds like it might be from an episode of Lloyd in Space, "Neither Boy nor Girl". (lloyd does resemble Arthur somewhat)

@shonalika Outer Wilds

Diaspora by Greg Egan

Both have nonbinary representation in the sense that they feature people/societies that do not share our notion of gender.

science fiction books: Poseidon's Wake and series seem to have some people who go by ve pronouns, although its not explained or main characters. background space enbies.
and... that's it. dissapointing.

@shonalika Haven't seen Jacqueline Carey's Starless mentioned yet.

@shonalika @shel unforc its always like aliens monsters or animals ... quina from final fantasy 9 is nb, tho their pronouns are poorly managed and they are nonhuman. Theyre one of my favs in that game tho

@shonalika @shel also the podcast "Unwell" has nb cast members, that slipped my mind! Fully human main cast and nb wow!!!!

@shonalika It's confirmed by Tamora Pierce on Twitter and not in books, but Alanna, protagonist of the Song of the Lioness Quartet is Genderfluid.

@shonalika Soul Eater, both manga and anime, have a character (Chrona) that the creator has explicitly stated is agender. Chrona is given nonbinary pronouns in the original material, but the English translates that to "he/him" because of course it does. there are a couple of juvenile jokes about Chrona's gender by the other characters, but their gender is treated with respect in the text and, aside from those few scene, also treated respectfully by the other characters. plus Chrona is adorable and badass. :D

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