did a video analysis of Brooklyn 99

pls do some comments on the video and some sharing if you feel like ^^

@shonalika never watched it but I liked your video and will finish it later!

@shonalika waah! just found your stuff. you seem cool :)

@shonalika god I'm SO glad you did a video about this, I've been having arguments w/ ppl about it being copaganda for years

very, very funny copaganda, but still copaganda

@kimdanes right?? it’s sneaky about it too with that progressive veneer so really worth talking about, I was so surprised there wasn’t much discussion on it

slight ramble 

@shonalika yeah for real!

also you totally nailed that bit abt the queer representation. It honestly didn't really feel like the queerness of the queer characters was an integral part of their identity, just that they were queer, coincidentally, and in a very easy to ignore kind of way. Which is a super straight way to frame queerness

@shonalika damn, this was REALLY good! I'm gonna have to go and binge all your videos now 😅

@shonalika You blew up my mind—a nice analysis! I guess, when I was watching B99 I did not pay attention to the details and background problems, etc. Thanks for the video! Good job!

@shonalika I do disagree. BB99 is actually really crítica with the police and what do is "hopepunk" and data "that is what cops should actually being doing"

@shonalika besides some minor nitpicks, big yup.
the show is kind of a fairy tale and "irresponsible" is a good word to describe that.
it's been bugging me for a while, especially in the last few weeks, but i could never put it into words. (and i hoped someone more knowledgeable will talk about it. and apparently someone did.)
B99 could do a lot more. idk if having to be TV friendly is what's stopping it.
i'm trying to think of shows that criticized the police annnd off the top of my head... BoJack and Archer did some of that?? i think it was a "problem episode" in the latter, while it was more subtle in the former.

the minor nitpicks 

@shonalika i actually thought the prison episodes were rather dark though. maybe it doesn't say "abolish prisons", but i think it was more than some hijinks interspersed with some drama.
the slut shaming also seems a bit vague, it seemed like the issue of Jake and Amy was exactly that there was a stranger in their home who also left paint marks everywhere. and Jake was shown to be overly judgy towards his sister.
And I thiiiink Gina sleeps around more in earlier seasons?
Over all it seemed rather sex positive, but I was paying more attention to other stuff, so maybe I missed something.

do you know shows that do these topics justice? (not necessarily TV, or even audiovisual ones)

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