been eaten alive by this video for the last month, but I'm glad to have it out finally. I know the title sounds odd, but it's probably one of the most important and pertinent videos I’ve made so far:

White Supremacy & The Coronavirus

(side note, comments on the YT video itself really help with The Algorithm so if anyone feels like chucking one on there pls do x)

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@kawaiipunk @shonalika

These get better each time!

(I also immediately noticed Hazel's soundtrack and the voiceover as the "newsreader".. 😉 @envgen )

@vfrmedia @kawaiipunk @envgen thanks so much! the music was actually provided by Acquaintance who is also a friend of mine, you can hear more of his stuff here:

@shonalika @kawaiipunk @envgen

thanks for the link (perfect timing - I was looking for other good stuff on Bandcamp as well...)

@shonalika This video hits hard and makes a great point that literally everybody should be hearing right now. Recovery should be community centered, not economically centered. Literally millions of lives are at stake.

@starwall The video is too slow and long. Spends too much time being angry that nobody will listen. If they said what you said and then offered something on that. Some economic analysis of community centred recovery something like that. We have white supremacy here in India oddly no white people they are called fat arsed brahmins. Whiteness is a construct. @shonalika

@starwall @shonalika On the general point equating Western Culture, Democracy, rule of law, human rights and capitalism with the least worst system. Interesting idea to challenge that if the video wasn't doing that. Pity that was an interesting idea.

@shonalika this being the first i’ve read/heard/seen from you, this is brilliantly on-point,

and i can only imagine it was also extremely exhausting to pull together

thank you <3

@patience it really was, I'm gonna sleep for a few days now I think XD and that's great to hear, thank you! <3

covid, pol 

@shonalika Thanks for this video. I watched it with keen interest.

It made me think about my family in Mexico or the situation in Brazil. I'm trying to reconcile the poor handling of the situation in those countries with your theses. I can sort of see in Brazil, from what I've heard, the white Bolsanaro thwarting the quarantine while the poor marginalised favelas have their own strong-arm criminals enforcing the quarantine in their own communities.

covid, pol 

@shonalika I'm wondering why the denialism is happening in Mexico too, with poor people assaulting nurses, typically from the same socioeconomic background, blaming the nurses and medical staff for spreading the disease themselves.

Mexican society is probably a bit too complex to analyse in a series of toots, but it is based on at least three to five centuries of colonialism, depending on how you count.

@shonalika Good movie 7/10. One silver lining to this outbreak is showing people how racism is self-destructive, not just destructive of brown people. Thanks for pointing it out.

@Food recommended you to me.


Important and relevant video!

But wouldn't it be more clear communication if you later had a different name for structural white supremacy when explaining the term, it really quickly can become in-group speak, has a double meaning. and does not seem to be searchable terminology.

I'm not super knowledgeable TBH but I feel a clearer terminology can more easily take hold and spread even if it is silly like "Structural white self-masturbation" or "structural western narcissism".

@christoffer thank you! and no, it is what it is and I think it’s important that people understand that the structure *is* white supremacy. rather than changing the terminology, we should move towards a place where the structural existence of it is more widely understood


I see. Though in the video you do clarify that it is a different white supremacy so it seems to me that you are aware of the communicative issues of it and that when using it with people it can come in the way of understanding the concept you are trying to convince people about which in the end can make so its structural existence is not more widely understood.

Which would be unfortunate.

@christoffer it's not a "different" white supremacy as such. it's just less open about itself.

calling it something else would imply that it IS something else. it isn't.

I agree a distinction needs to be made when talking about actively practicing white supremacists, but the phrase "white supremacist" does that perfectly well. I wouldn't use the term "white supremacist" to refer to a random person, for example. There are also descriptors one can use to specify white supremacicsts like "alt-right," "neo-nazi" etc.

In context, it's clear what is being spoken about when I and other people refer to white supremacy as a social structure. It's people's resistance to the concept that prevents them from understanding, not the terminology. Therefore it is that resistance - up to and including resistance to said terminology - that needs to be challenged and changed, not the terminology itself.


You can still call it white supremacy and use a more specific term for the more specific form.

I'd argue that what words and terminology is maybe even more important than the concept alone one are arguing if one want to influence people that don't have a strong opinion yet or have the opposite opinion.

If you use more general language that has a stronger and higher meaning than your specific usecase it seems to me that one sets people up to unintentionally strawman you for example

@christoffer it is not my job to make concessions for people who aren't willing to engage with that context, it is for them to change their behaviour.

therefore making those concessions would undermine the point.

I've already explained my position several times over and don't intend to keep doing so, so if you still don't understand I would suggest doing some more research of works on the subject by poc.


Which means you are engaging in in-group speak which is problematic.

I'm not going to push you more on it though as it seems you don't appreciate my arguments as well as starting to tell me to read a book because I don't understand enough, which is kind of elitist of you.

Like, you don't know what books I've read and my background. I don't appreciate these sentiments at all.

Hope you have a good day.

@christoffer as I said, it is not my job to make you feel comfortable. goodbye

@shonalika :uwu:​ No I clicked this video because you posted it :blobcatheart:

Thanks for making another well thought out piece :blobcathappy:​ And happy May the 1st~ :ancomheart:

@shonalika Excellent video.

But that preparedness graph left me cackling on the floor like a raven.

@Deiru I... I mean I don’t blame you. you’ve gotta laugh right 😅and thank you!

@shonalika :3 I was mostly having a laugh at Russia being "more prepared". It's sad, but I'm beyond being sad about it anymore.

@shonalika Great video... I hope lots of people will watch it and 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 think about you explain. Thank you for making this and I will certainly watch it again.

@shonalika this is darn good.... i kinda wanna do a translation (because some family members need to see this but don't understand english), but hhhh, 18 minutes.

@shonalika eggtuallyyyy, could you send me a (tran)script anyways? i should at least take a swing at it.

video about:
White Supremacy & The Coronavirus

I just leave you the link to invidio:

As youtube is mass surveiliance and anyway doesn't work well for me.

just watched the intro, and it's sooo good.

It's just that type of thing I've been arguing with people and wished I could just send them a link to a proper explaination.

@paulfree14 thanks so much <3 honestly it's a very condensed intro, so I'm glad it comes across ok. I really grappled with this one on how much context I ought to do before getting to the actual subject 😅

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