oh heck I forgot to ask on here - would any UK nonbinary peeps like to be part of a music video I'm shooting in Brighton on Oct 30th?

all info is here ~

@Murkrow you were interested last time? (we had to reschedule cos of various faff but this time it's defo going ahead:P)

we've just got enough people I think but bit lacking in POC so if you're one of those your help here is especially appreciated XD

(if you're not poc and wanna join you're still welcome)

@shonalika just realised I never got back to you |D can't get the time off work I'm afraid, that's when I get back after con i.e the No Holidays Until January point

@Murkrow that's ok! and argh that sounds unpleasant, good luck:S

@shonalika it's retail in November/December, damn right it's unpleasant |D

@shonalika im not in Brighton but i have trans/nb friends who are so ill dm this to them

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