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just a note that my hands are v fuck due to disability and sometimes I’m slow or don’t respond to messages, esp if I get a bunch at once. if I I’ve ignored you for a few days feel free to give me a nudge ~

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finally set up a Ko-fi for my online projects. so if you feel like chucking money at me you now officially can

also made a spiffy sorta showreel type thing for it so have a look at that anywho

much thank ^^

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unless a song is about wanting to have sex with an underage girl it isn't *real* classic rock

someone dmed me earlier (I’m on toot! App) and for some reason their avatar popped up as a little floating bubble on my screen. it’s still there. I can move it around but I can’t get rid of it. guess it just lives there now

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a week or so ago I went to the park with hazel and curled up in the grass for the first time since last year. it was a very wonderful experience just on that account

but also it was the *only* time since last year that I’ve not been in any pain

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sunday, temperature drops - bad spine flare up, excruciating pain, need help getting in and out of bed for next 3 days

wednesday, temperature rises - rapid recovery almost to usual mobility, massive decrease in pain

if it was a one off this could be a coincidence, but I’ve been observing this pattern for a while and it absolutely isn’t

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it’s sort of absurd how much my condition correlates with the weather/pressure changes

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@powderpaint also that cover is good as hell, fuckin synthpop team rocket over here

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binging wynona earp cos it’s ridiculous nonsense that’s nothing to do with anything and that’s exactly what I need rn

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I really recommend that people who aren't trans read this. Trans people will mostly already know it because we've lived it. I came out in 2012, just in time to suffer through the worst of this shit.

When I came out, I decided to use twitter just to talk to other trans people about stuff. My twitter account grew from nothing in 2012 to almost ten thousand followers by the time I shut it down in 2018.
I had to shut it down, because though I had been targeted right from the start, an account that size means you're on the radar of every bigot with a twitter account, and people from dedicated harassment sites compile dossiers on you and funnel more abuse towards you, abuse that doesn't just stay online. So, as much as I felt like I was letting them win by doing so, I had to retreat from my public presence.
The bigots with newspaper columns might bellow from their public platforms about how they're being silenced, but what I experienced is what silencing actually looks like.

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terfs, uk media transphobia 

TERF War: Transphobia In the British Media, Gender Critical Feminism and Its Effects on Trans Rights - VICE

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the cool thing about art is you really just never know what is gonna hit a person in just the right kind of way


got my opiates so I’m less fussed about being in pain which is good but I’m also now scrolling the timeline and literally not understanding any of it

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lockdown was a hell of a lot easier to deal with when my friends weren’t all doing things and going back to normal

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oh you're a post-man? cool what pronouns do you use


in stupendous amounts of pain and don’t have my opiates on hand so I’m just getting drunk instead

wynona EARP. EARP. wtf. it’s so phonaesthetically displeasing. I don’t even want to say it out loud cos of how unpleasant it is. who called it that. why

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just started watching wynona earp and I’m enjoying it but god it has a shite name

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