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so my first proper vlog is up! and it's about... !

as ever comments on the actual video appreciated - and shares offsite too, so we can try and bring more people over ^^

advice req, patreon-type things 

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When I talk to people about decentralizing the internet, fighting the power of corporations and self-hosting they react the same way than when you tell someone you don't eat meat.

@maloki sometimes it's definitely a case of not having enough spoons, but other times even if the will is there I find myself inarticulate. in debates I often only realise the words I needed after it's over lol.

when it comes to discussions with other leftists on the other hand, I feel like everyone else just seems a lot more clued up than I am half the time. which is good, it means I'm constantly learning and questioning my own stances. but also it can make me feel unqualified to contribute to any discussion on basically anything

I can figure it out but it takes a bit of work. whereas people on here just casually fire intelligent rhetoric at each other and on top of that have the gall to pretend to be idiots on the side?! fuckers

trouble with going in a more discourse-y direction is that sometimes I just don't have a clue what anyone's talking about

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There's an article in the Atlantic about how more education won't fix inequality, and it's written by a rich person, and uhhhh it's..........good?

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i wanted the fediverse to have more wife content but not like this

I’m very glad of all these people tooting things like “morning! eat capitalists and poop rainbows”

it is genuinely reassuring to see these snippets of people continuing to be doggedly humorous and unabashedly themselves no matter what, esp when I’m feeling a bit down <3

I’ve noticed that pretty much anyone of any not man gender will sorta identify as a femme under the right circumstances. I think the key factor here is really just being Not Men

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Reminder that @tootapp has a custom “trans fren” logo you can select in the settings and it’s glorious

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it just occurred to me that masto doesnt have a set of elephant emojos???

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going to marry every single american woman and build a big lesbian commune with the money we make from selling the houses in the divorce and leave all the men to fend for themselves

the restaurant across the road has been "Opening Soon" for almost a year.

there is currently a guy in the window with headphones on having a good old dance and entertaining passers-by. he stops whenever his (presumed) employers walk past and pretends to be looking in a bag on the floor.

the restaurant will probably never open but this is the best start to my day I could have ever asked for

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I hate positive thinking bullshit and the way it blames us all for our problems.

enjoying using my bandcamp earnings to buy another artist's music on bandcamp

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was threatened out of bed this morning by soggy cereal

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extremely offended whenever a so-called friend does a stream without me being available to watch it tbh

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