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general reminder that caring about things and people is rad as fuck

I know what they're trying to say ofc but I think this way of phrasing it sounds hilariously the opposite of what they mean

just came across a very on-side looking individual on birdsite with "white ally" in their bio, and I couldn't stop laughing

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@Murkrow you were interested last time? (we had to reschedule cos of various faff but this time it's defo going ahead:P)

oh heck I forgot to ask on here - would any UK nonbinary peeps like to be part of a music video I'm shooting in Brighton on Oct 30th?

all info is here ~

reluctant to put my new glasses on my greasy face

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just learned about the concept of "unstructured critique" and it basically explains like 80% of the shit that annoys me on line

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i think i need to accept that its better to just smash the block button when a random reply even slightly annoys me instead of developing sherlock holmes level deductive abilities to figure out if some of the weird shit people post at me on here is because theyre fashy or just a more harmless type of weirdo

friend just told me they had an email address at and I nearly screamed

someone just told me that I am the best Shonalika they know. I think this really means a lot

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conjecturing the existence of a theoretical twitter account, "the gamer tradwife"

unexpectedly bumped into a friend who lives far away but just so happened to be in town and went for an impromptu lunch and did lots of gay kissing and it has been a very good day so far

got a bunch of helpful answers to this, thank you, that's cleared it up a bit ^^

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capitalism is when your friends are sad and the more sad your friends are the more capitalister it is

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If I were nine inch nails I would have simply made the radio edit of closer go like “I want to pet you like an animal”

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