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so my first proper vlog is up! and it's about... !

as ever comments on the actual video appreciated - and shares offsite too, so we can try and bring more people over ^^

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NEVER delete toots; this is cheating

birdsong in the mornings is highly overrated. good old seagull screm. that's the way to go

🎵 if you wanna be my jumper
you gotta get with my pants 🎵

I'm like this with new clothes I can't wear them straight away, they have to mingle and get familiar with the other clothes before I can wear them on my actual body

this baffles the people around me but they're very accepting like; "ok. whenever you're ready"

I got new glasses last week, they are the exact same frame as my old ones. I'm still wearing the old ones

someone just said to me “I love you. but i’m very tired”

should I be concerned

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I hate this fuckin Youtube ad that begins with "plastics. Our most dangerous addiction." Yeah I'm addicted to making plastics with all those polyethylene factories I own and control.

*me, swatting flatmate's book to the floor*

your book's on the floor

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my boss: (stupid, foolish) blah blah blah budget, productivity, synergy, buzzword, success metrics, marketing, buzzword...
me: (wise, intelligent) shut the fuck up

longish sad(ish?) post 

gone back to ultra sun. I seem to be accompanied by some kind of sexy fire lizard

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I nearly crashed the car in my rush to take this

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"The whiteface (or white clown) holds the highest status in the clown hierarchy"

Just read this sentence on Wikipedia
I'm losing my shit

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so many reality tv shows are just rich white people making things and/or getting richer and i’m tired

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me, after a couple weeks of working full-time from home: "really, you need a routine that lets you get into the right headspace to stay focused and get stuff done"

me, after 3 years of working full-time from home: "ok, so there are exactly 24 species of birds that visit the birdfeeder outside my window. I've named 10 of the birds, and there is one Mourning Dove, Phyllys, that is my favorite. The Wrens and Starlings are currently at war, with the Grackles taking advantage of the distraction to e


absolute cutest thing when you snuggle a person in bed and they let out little happy sounds in their sleep

advice req, patreon-type things 

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