@KatSuricata i recall seeing a toot from aurelia that there's insufficient funding to host's servers and that she was gonna let the lease expire, as it were

i'm the only active server staff right now. it's kind of scary, honestly

@shinesprites :/ that’s quite unfortunate, and i wish it was a lot better-communicated than it has been, but alas. i will miss

@KatSuricata @shinesprites Aurelia really did a lot to keep the instance up for a long time. She made sure the servers were fast and she did a good job maintaining it for as long as she did. I will miss with all of my heart and soul. I’ve never felt more at home and safe than on It was the best instance to ever exist and will always hold that place in my heart. I wish I could have done more to help keep it running.

@cute @shinesprites agreed; it’s incredibly hard to find a replacement instance because was just so good and perfect for my needs, heh.

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