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i can't believe i was dealt a hand this bad

fun fact: nvidia geforce experience is named like that because nvidia execs thought having the same ring as girlfriend experience was fun


i put friend in quotes because he seems to consider internet friendships to be inherently less valuable to begin with and not worthy of any investment (because he got burned a bunch of times)

watched a video by my long time acquaintance/"friend" obviously jesus on how it's essentially impossible for an introvert to make close friends that don't have an inherit chance of turning on you if you don't know them by the time you're about 20.

and i feel this so much

also full disclosure, it makes $41 a month before fees and stuff

just don't want that indexed by google

I will put the patreon link back up. But please only ever pledge to me if you have an account there anyway. If you would create a new one, don't. If you really want to send me money anyway, DM me.

never really even got close to abusing alcohol it just stopped working before I got tempted to

i'm sorry but i don't think there's anything that can stop this downspiral that started more than 2 years ago in december 2016.

first i was sad once or twice a month and drinking it away made it all better

then it started showing every wekkend

then every day when i got off work

and recently it's been creeping into my work hours

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People! Please stop cumming on my network infrastructure!

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:blob_pensive: "ladies and gentlemen"
:blobuwu: "dear hackers"

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