i would like to take a shower now, and also for the sun to stop setting at 5

Who's tryna move to a small town in Northern California and turn the local population into trans catgirls with me 👉👈

i am going to kill the president of the united states

@rosemary “I can neither confirm nor deny having a gender”

2019 - avoid negative people
2020 - avoid positive people
2021 - avoid people

hentai, rupol, russian court, the funniest shit, i cant believe this is a cw either 

im fucking losing it the russian court is watching lesbian hentai on an anime piracy site and then complaining that this doesnt have an age restriction

the libs are celebrating bidens inauguration, while i am getting dms from their dads and figuring out my plans for the night

bring your used vibes to the vibe recycling center for 5 cents each

If you're in a confessional mood and want to explain your journey from being racist/ableist, please take it to a blog instead of replying to strangers on the Internet to tell them you used to bully people like them.

an insult that would probably give me gender euphoria 

"You're a failure as a daughter and as a son"

Bathroom humor 

Ay bro I noticed you're not wearing a mask. Can I fart directly in your face since you don't care what you inhale?

*snow wife melts*

🎶 So there you go, go, can't make a wife out of the snow 🎶

There are no good presidents. I don't think this should require further explanation

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