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listening to On A Night Like This at daytime
this feels illegal

i am almost certain someone else would've tooted that before but i posted it anyway,

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i kept repeatedly typing 'enrolment' as 'entrolment' at work today

each time i have to actively stop myself from typing the latter


trying to resist the urge to buy funny domain names that i will never use

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whenever i'm bored at work i just lookup linux distros on wikipedia

what i've taken away from this is that nix os is based, and that i want to install gentoo on my thinkpad

ok nvm fl studio actually doesn't work perfectly under wine :))

heck yeah fl studio works pretty much flawlessly with wine 6.5

new genre of toot: toot that the sender thinks will be a banger but is actually shit

proposing a new model of the psyche:
- the ego
- the superego
- the id
- Sid from Toy Story®

this easter weekend i am going to enjoy myself and reinstall linux.

standing directly in front of the No Standing In This Area sign on the train because I'm rebellious like that,,

nothing like the comforting safety of a private window/incognito mode

CDE 😳😳😳😍😍😍😳😳😳

just spent my entire lunch break petting a cat

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trains have WHEELS???
i have had enough of this crazy world .

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